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We offer various online 4D lottery betting from companies such as Magnum 4D, Damacai, ToTo 4D, Singapore, Sabah, STC, Cashsweep, LUCKY HARI HARI.


4D is a popular lottery draw game in Malaysia and Singapore. A 4D lottery ticket is formed from a combination of numbers from 0000 to 9999. It has a total of 10,000 different four-digit numbers. If the 4 digit numbers of your choice are revealed as the winning number in the 4D results, you win the draw. 4D Malaysia lottery shops are scattered all over the country. 

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However, placing bets can be quite a tedious process. Not only you have to locate these shops and place your bets individually with each of these companies, but you also need to make your bets before 7 PM. To bet lotto 4D conveniently at any time and anywhere, you should give EKOR a try. EKOR offers a higher winning 4D odds and you can simply place your bets using your mobile device.

Highest 4D odds in the malaysia, up to 8300


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Super fast withdrawals

Winbox’s withdrawal is super fast. I was able to withdraw my winnings within 15 minutes. Thank to the winnings from Winbox, I managed to settle my outstanding housing loan.


Safe and reputable platform that you can trust!

I hesitable to make a deposit or share my information on other platforms because I dont’t feel safe. However, Winbox gave me the confidence as they have a verified domain and security measures in place. I always feel safe playing on Winbox.


timely support from
customer service

Ran into some issues with my account on a Saturday night. Contacted their Customer Service and the problem was solved with a single interaction. Definitely a 5 Stars for them.


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Special Draw 2024

2024 Special Lottery Draw Period

EKOR Lottery Rebate Increased!

EKOR lottery rebate increase up to 1.0%!

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Online lottery games and wagers are available through EKOR, which is a supplier. On the programme, players have the option to the participate in 4D lotto, SPR, 5D lotto, and 6D lotto games.

Yes, the lottery programme is completely safe to wager and gather your wins. You should, however, make sure that you are accessing the betting software from an online casino that is legitimate and reputable.

There is currently no downloadable version of EKOR. To have access to the software, you should download the mobile application offered by Winbox Offcial Website:

To begin playing EKOR lottery games, you will first need to register an account from Winbox application for accessing to EKOR lottery.

Please click here “EKOR 4D Betting Method and Watch Result.

Please click here “EKOR 5D Betting Method and Watch Result.

Please click here “EKOR 6D Betting Method and Watch Result.

Please click here “Hourly Lotto Bet Tutorial.

This is dependent on the online casino that you choose to play at. To begin the process of depositing money into your account, you will first need to locate the “deposit” option affter logging into your account.

This is dependent on the online casino that you choose to play at. Before you sign up, you should make it a priority to investigate the various withdrawal choices. After you have accumulated your winnings, navigate to your account and look for the deposit feature to start the process of withdrawing your money.

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